I quit my job, what now?

Hi nerds -

I salute you from Miami - a city that has gotten so expensive, it’s no longer cheap for New Yorkers. Gr8.

I wrote this newsletter for a continuous year - as I moved countries, launched a $1M dollar side company, and started a new role in a new industry.

Hello 👋🏼 from “new year me” in Costa Rica!

Since we last spoke, a few things have happened:

  • We sold out 5000 Surge Passport NFTs in less than a week.

  • Then we lost 60% of the fundraised value 5 days after. Welcome to crypto!

  • It did help me get my O-1 US visa though, known in the streets as the Einstein visa, for my “extraordinary contribution to my field” 💪🏽 .

  • I ran my first online Personal Board of Directors for my 30th birthday.

  • Took part in launching the world’s most modular decentralized governance framework with the Aragon team, and (failed to) transition our $300M treasury into a collective vault and become a DAO ourselves.

  • Died my hair purple (!!) and got bangs (!!).

  • Led Cyfrin’s Developer Relations team to bring smart contract security to web3 developers and researchers around the world.

  • Created a female investments group, an invite-only events company, and got into one of Miami’s newest accelerators - Built in Miami - with a project to upgrade the tech stack for global migration.

And then, I quit my job. Most importantly, I quit my job without any plans on what to do next.

Am I afraid? Sure, but a few things are on my mind:

  • The world is going through one of the biggest fundamental shifts in history: blockchains, AI, wellness, consumer products, and global migration issues are some of the catalyzing forces behind it.

  • The speed at which things have shifted in the past, is no longer a predictor for how fast things will change in the future.

  • The world can’t learn new technologies at the same speed at which these technologies are being developed.

  • In an age of digital saturation, people are increasingly valuing relationships, nature, travel, and IRL experiences.

Within this landscape, the accelerator helped me realize I already have the technical, marketing, product, and financial skills to solve a global pressing issue. I was being held back by fear, but life is way more fun when we dare bet on ourselves.

Expect the brain farts raw, goodies fun, the music jazzy, and many many more memes as I dive into this new era of my life.

We’re back baby!

Wanna bet? 😏

— Btw, are you looking to move to the US? Fill out this form and I may be able to help out 😉.

Until next time,

Jules 🤸🏼‍♀️

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