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Confessions, strangers, and wicked games

Hi nerds,

I salute you from Miami with a confession: I want to keep working in crypto.

Seems odd considering I’m launching an immigration product, but I see a few ways in which this can work:

  1. I’m building a specialized immigration package for web3 professionals interested in moving to the US

  2. Enable crypto payments

If this is you - hit me up! I have some ideas cooking.

getyouthere alpha updates

TLDR: GetYouThere is an immigration app helping global talent move countries, starting with the US.

💻 Product: Finished the MVP for both lawyers and immigrants, as well as integrations with profile enhancing APIs, Google Drive, and OpenAI. Boom!

👩🏻‍🎤 Ops: Memorial weekend slowed the co-founder conversations, but I’m back to it today now that the product is done.

🚀 Growth: I was introduced to 3 more legal firms interested in the product. Now it’s about locking in one and start taking clients through the funnel!

3 brain farts

🎯 Product-market fit: Andres Barreto, MD for Techstars Miami, argues there’s 3 activities that get a startup PMF:

  1. Discovering pain from conversations with potential customers.

  2. Design, build, and run experiments to observe your customer’s behavior.

  3. Kill ideas or experiments that did not work.

Everything else is getting occupied with a fictional sense of progress.

👩🏻‍🎤 Female economy: Women control ~80% of global consumer purchasing decisions (~$20 trillion) and own 32% of the world’s wealth (growing at a compounded rate of ~6% annually).

What this means for the economy:

  • Fitness and beauty: the rise of athleisure and wellness products reflects a broader cultural shift towards mental health and self-care.

  • Travel: women make most vacation decisions whether it’s solo trips, retreats, or family vacations. They’re looking for safe, sustainable, and authentic experiences above all.

  • Food and healthcare: women make ~85% of all household and healthcare decisions, yet most medical research is done on men.

  • Apparel: women drive trends and sales. Their increasing financial independence and purchasing power means luxury retail keeps growing at a 3% compounded rate.

  • Financial services: increasingly likely to be the breadwinner, women seek products fitting their day-to-day needs and long-term investments - especially as they may differ from their partners in budgeting, projecting, and investing values.

  • Tech: avid consumers of smartphones, personal gadgets, and laptops - we’re seeing 8% growth in femtech products, even when less than 20% of software engineers are female.

👩🏻‍🎤 How to make friends: After spending the last ~10 years of my life working abroad, I’ve had to learn how to turn strangers into family.

Here’s my hack to making new friends:

  1. Signal: The best strangers are pre-vetted friends of friends. Tell people where you’re going and ask for intros.

  2. Blind date: Coordinate to meet up ideally during the weekend so they’ll be more likely to invite more friends.

  3. Side affair: Odds are, you and your friend’s friend will click. So your focus is actually to get the contact of the second coolest person in the event.

  4. The morning after: text those you liked most and ideally, plan for a next hangout in that same conversation.

  5. Repeat: Repeat forever until you find your people. Or if you’re like me, never stop!

2 smart goodies

"If you don’t want to go to the meeting right now, your future self won’t want to go to it later, either."

~ Naval Ravikant, CEO Angellist

“If you set your goals ridiculously high and it's a failure, you will fail above everyone else's success.“

~ James Cameron, Hollywood Director (Avatar, Terminator, etc)

1 funky jam

You will never hear Wicked Games the same after this gem.

To the acoustics and blues fans, this one is for you.

Thank you for reading - always down to connecting over juicy ideas.

If any of these resonate, reply to this email and would love to chat!

See you on cyberspace,

Jules 🤸🏻

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