On building momentum, bets, and jets

Paired with sweet alpha juice

Hi nerds -

I salute you from Miami, where Memorial Day weekend means “day to watch military jets do crazy things over Miami Beach”.

Memorial Day Air Show, Miami Beach

🗺️ getyouthere alpha

TLDR: GetYouThere is an immigration platform helping global talent move countries, starting with the US.

Many of you have been asking for updates on what I’m building, so here’s the alpha juice:

  • Product: 35+ interviews in, I am a week away from launching the MVP. Got some positive feedback from legal firms saying that - if I’m able to deliver on certain features - they’d be interested in buying! Exciting.

  • Ops: Finding a co-founder is top priority. I’ve been looking for 2 profiles: (a) a startup-y immigration lawyer, and/or (b) B2B sales, growth-driven professional. Really close to finalizing deals here 🤞🏽 anyone you think I should meet?

  • Growth: Growing the waitlist has given me leverage when negotiating with legal firms. Although my primary focus is on product, I started a Digital Marketing Bootcamp on the side to hone my marketing skills while I grow the waitlist. Join it here!

brain farts

🌳 A bet on essentials: The history of architecture is the history of human behavior.

  • When streets are wide, people walk less, and societies become “low-trust” as they empathize with strangers less

  • When too much sun comes in through glass windows, we either spend our time in rooms with shade or pay too much money for AC

Today, we find ourselves in 20th floor apartments craving for plants, wooden furniture, cross-ventilation, and pets - just to get a feel for our true human nature.

Bullish on projects prioritizing human essentials as part of their innovative value proposition.

— Inspired by Panamanian developers, Áurea, who are bringing bioclimatic architecture to residential buildings.

⚡️ Building momentum: Momentum is the force of motion gained by a series of actions.

This means, the strength of our business is dependent upon how many actions we’re doing, constantly, to grow our client base (the mass).

When there’s motion, there’s momentum.

Momentum = mass * velocity

🎁 Personal Board of Directors: For my 30th birthday I invited the 30 people I admire most to my Personal Board of Directors.

Inspired by my friends Cam and Zakk, I crafted 30 slides about all major areas of my life: career, finances, love, family, friendships, health, and hobbies.

Showcasing an honest overview about where I’m at and requesting advice for where I’m headed, results were astounding.

Beyond feedback and advice - relationships strengthened, network grew, and my life outlook changed.

And that, my nerds, is the best birthday present I could gift myself.

smart goodies

“Momentum is everything in a startup. If you have momentum, you can survive most other problems.

If don’t have momentum, nothing except getting momentum will solve your problems.”

~ Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI & ex YC President

“Really smart people can produce very elaborate reasons.

But reasons are always excuses. It’s better to take ownership and action.”

~ Shreyas Doshi, ex PM at Stripe, Google, Twitter, Yahoo

funky jams

Feeling like a sunset rooftop in Brooklyn, looking over Manhattan?

Me too.

Thank you for reading. Always down to connecting over juicy ideas.

If any of this resonates, reply to this email and would love to chat!

See you on cyberspace,

Jules 🤸🏻

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