Wheels, darkness, and board games

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Hi nerds -

I salute you from Panama City, where I’ve been hiking at least a mountain a week.

Since I started working on Surge’s NFT collection, I'm often asked what it means to build an NFT collection - so I published an overview of goodies I’ve learned by dropping one.

-- Here’s the article if you want to have a read.

Another cool thing that happened this week is that I got to meet Hilary Kivitz, a partner in a16z's crypto department, who reinforced my belief that the crypto VC ecosystem is impacting traditional VC in fast-changing ways for both investors and founders.

3 brain farts

👩🏻‍🏫 Learn2Earn: Every time I speak with HR professionals, the phrase “it’s just hard to find the right talent” comes up at some point. And it makes sense.

Business needs are changing so fast, it’s almost impossible for workers to keep up with the growing requirements and demands of current jobs listings.

Which is why Learn2Earn is so transformational.

If, instead of paying recruitment agencies, companies spent that money paying people to learn valuable skills, the skill gap between organizations and talent would be way smaller.

-- Here are programs and organizations doing this.


🚀 Innovation wheel: Innovation is a loaded word without a strict definition or pathway. However, disruption of industries usually comes in 10 ways:

  • 💰 Profit model: how we make money.
  • ♻️ Network effects: connecting with others to create wide-reaching, multiplying value.
  • 👯 Organizational structure: what’s the alignment of talent and existing assets within the org.
  • 🤖 Process: finding more efficient ways to generate value.
  • 📱 Product performance: having competitive functionalities and feature set.
  • 🌍 Product ecosystem: establishing complementary product integrations.
  • ⭐️ Service: enhancement in offerings and people relations.
  • 📺 Channel: the medium through which the offering is delivered to users.
  • 🎭 Brand: how people see you.
  • 💙 Customer engagement: the 1:1 relationships we foster between employees and customers.

Source: Doblin Firm

⭐️ Darkness power: We’re all familiar with the environmental cost of energy, but rarely do we speak about the light pollution.

“Light pollution, or artificial light at night, is the excessive or poor use of artificial outdoor light, and it disrupts the natural patterns of wildlife, contributes to the increase in carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere, disrupts human sleep, and obscures the stars in the night sky.”

~ National Geographic

And it’s a global issue. Satellite images show that more than 80% of the world’s population (& 99% of Americans and Europeans), live under sky glow - where stars become extinct to the human eye.

The good news is that change has immediate impact. Unlike plastic pollution or climate change, light pollution gets fixed the moment we allow darkness to take over the night, use lighting that doesn’t increase glare or clutter, and when we close window curtains to keep the light inside at night.

Earth at night

2 intellectual goodies

"In a year from now, you will regret not having started today."

~ Karen Lamb

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.”

—Alvin Toffler, Futurist

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This playlist is filled with Spanish indie music - it’s not entirely rock, nor is it quite like pop. Great for hanging out with friends while playing board games.

spanish grove by Jules

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Jules 🤸🏻‍♂️


Learning to code is 21st century super-power. I work as a Software Engineer and teacher around the world. My purpose is to empower others by showing them what we can do with our brain, a computer and wifi.

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Hi nerds - I salute you from the Panama City airport, about to hop on a flight to Athens, Greece. Something interesting about bear markets is that they have been breeding ground for some of the most renown names in technology today: Square, Stripe, and Uber in 2009, Airbnb and Groupon in 2008, Facebook in 2004, Adobe in ‘82 and Microsoft in ‘75. But to build successful solutions teams need to run research - so that’s what we’re doing at Surge! If you have 1-2 minutes, please fill out this...

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