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I salute you from Panama City, finally home after 3 weeks that turned into 3 months of travel.

Costa Rica, NYC, Miami, Barcelona, Granada, Split, and Dubrovnik - life took some unexpected turns I happily accepted 💙.

During that time, we launched the Surge Passport NFT collection (which sold out in less than a week, yay!!) and we voted on Aragon fully transitioning into a DAO within the next 6 months. Add a bear market downturn, and needless to say, it's been a few hectic weeks.

However, I'm convinced the best is yet to come. It always is 🚀.

Future is bright
Cavtat, Croatia

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🧳 Internal-first products: Most processes and tools we build internally have the potential to become products we sell externally.

  • The pain has been validated
  • The MVP has been tested
  • The process or tool’s efficiency has been proven (or unproven)

The question is always how much of it can be white-labeled to fit a wider market and the marketing resources the organization can invest in making this happen.


🗝 Money keys: One of the biggest misconceptions of crypto wallets is that they hold assets. They don’t.

Assets are always stored in the blockchain. Wallets are merely graphical interfaces allowing us to interact with those assets.

How it works:

  • The only way to access specific assets is through a combination of a public key (your public wallet address) and a private key (humanly seen as your seed phrase).
  • Your wallet holds your wallet address(es) and seed phrase and uses them to sign transactions.
  • Depending on the wallet you use, that seed phrase may be stored in the cloud or locally in your device.

That’s why crypto nerds will always remind you: “not your keys, not your money”. If you want to go full bankless, make sure you have a hardware wallet to store your private key and have full control of your funds.

Money keys

The voting game: DAOs are playing the democratic game at a smaller scale, which means that issues in DAO governance are the same issues democracies around the world are facing.

  • lack of collective, in-depth understanding of how governance works
  • low participation in voting proposals
  • whales with lots of money (and ergo voting power) influencing decisions
  • crazy results

The fun thing about this is that DAOs are the biggest democratic experiment we’ve had in centuries. If we get this right, we’re changing the future of global collaboration at scale.

2 smart goodies

“Intimacy is where empathy meets vulnerability”

~ @ninetynick


“Half doing something is an expensive way of not doing it.”

~ Angela Jiang. Product at OpenAI

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A bit funky, a bit jazzy, a bit deep - this one is great for getting some morning work inspiration.

Teuf de Ouf by Scruscru, Jehan

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Learning to code is 21st century super-power. I work as a Software Engineer and teacher around the world. My purpose is to empower others by showing them what we can do with our brain, a computer and wifi.

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